well spent time with virtual self

hack name:

well spent time with virtual self

team members:

jonas johanson
michal mitro
malin l'arvidisson (kth)


native challenge
accesible virtuosity
kth innovation challenge


Imagine a meditative journey of meeting the inner and outer virtual and visceral guided by transhumanists yogi.
What do you see? Perhaps, an audiovisual performance combining full (em)body(ment) gesturals to control light, sound and a video - a projection of a self. Personally collected and synthesised (reaktor module) sounds of indonesian gamelan evolve as the performer continues his journey of self identification, hoping to shed some light on our own identity struggles.

We craft a multisensory experience heavily controlled by bodily movement. The augmented suit maps to about any musical and visual parameter. In our case we sent gestural data from suit to unity to osculator (over local host) and than to ableton live, VDMX and madMapperand. This setup allows non musicians to play music intuitively, and musicians and visual artists to perform most spontaneously and expressively. Our colleague Malin Ardvison is bringing some BIG data from blockchain to us too.
just imagine…

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