Nordic Semiconductor Thingy52 Setup

If you are interested in using the dev kits for hardcore use/hacking of these boards, please use the info at the bottom of this page.

OTHERWISE, thanks to the excellent efforts of these two MTFers during the MTFLabs:

Stefano.jpg David%20Cox.png

A easy method to connect and receive OSC has been created, information can be found here:

Nordic nodejs lib modified to get the motion data sent over OSC

Nordic webapp (React) hacked to get the motion data sent over OSC:

Otherwise, please see below “step-by-step-guide” on how to get prepared and started with Nordic:
Interested hack participants should download and install the following software prior to the start of the hack:

You also need:
USB micro USB-B (former “Android” cable) for the nRF52-DK’s.

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