The four seasons

Team members: Jonathan Hedin, Gabriella Dalman, Marcus Groth and Linette Nilsson.

ESA/SNSA challenge for spaced-out music #esa-snsa-challenge

Vivaldi gave musical expression to the different seasons of a year in his composition "The Four Seasons". Imagine what it would be like to actually listen to the four seasons with data from the Sentinel-2, a satellite performing a terrestrial observation of earth.

By collecting each level of the bands in the light spectrum of an image, it is possible to translate it to the sound spectrum. Each band in the light spectrum can represent a frequency in the sound spectrum. For example the band with the highest level can represent the keynote and the other bands represent the overtones. This way each image would give a special character or "sound" to the note.

We have used python, python OSC, Max 7 and the API provided by ESA/SNSA.
All of us have KTH affiliation.

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