Stress Box
by Jonas Ivarsson and Nicolò Merrendino

This project is meantto run for the Accessible Virtuosity challenge

Stress box is a musical interface that aims to guide the user in the act of tearing apart and modifying an audio track by interacting with a volume.


The box is deigned to look and work like a "deconstructed volume".
The user is invited to shake, squeeze and interact in a "violent way" with the device, and by doing this the track will be modified.
If the user want to reset the original rack he will have to hug it and warm it op with his own body.

The main goal of this interface is to establish a strong relationship between the emotions of the user and the musical output of the interaction.
We aim to transform universal physical interactions into a way to make music.
In this way even people without a musical background can express their emotions through music.

To make this happens we tried to use the sensors contained in the "Nordic Thingy 52"


Here is a video of the user interaction

Applications and further development

The stress-box is a very early stage prototype, and there are a lot of possibilities to explore.

First of all it would be possible to use different sensors to better map the interactions with the objects.
The applications of the stress-box are also various: We can imagine an object like this to be used with disabled people or with anyone who has not a strong music background

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