Rhythm me up

Project name: Rhythm Me Up

Team members full names:

Evangelia Gogoulou
Quentin Lamaire
Nicolas Jonason
Patricia Ciobanu

List of challenges:

Musical city and Udoo Challenge.

Description Entry:

Music connects people. The goal of this project is to collaboratively create a musical composition, unique for different spots in the city. In that way, people walking around the city can listen to location-based musical pieces, as well as contribute to them using a musical sequencer. Each spot will have its own music created by the collaboration of the people who went to this spot.
Moreover, any contribution is anonymous and pretty simple. Anyone could contribution without any fear of being judged.
If you do not want to participate to the collaboration, you can simply explore and discover all the places where people will have put their musical footprints.

Explore, listen and collaborate to leave a trace at the places you’ve been too.

Technical details: We use a client_server architecture. The client (built in Javascript) can play the audio for the current user location, while gives the possibility to the user to add a new musical component with a specific rhythm. The server (built in Python) provides the client with the latest data for a specific location.

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