Team/Project Name: Radius

Team members:

Bernt Isak Wærstad
Piers Cowburn
Tim Sketchley
Adiba Maduegbuna
Karl Johannes Jondell

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Radius - City in C

In this modern world of smartphones; tablets and social media, the very tools that are supposed to connect us, end up being the tools that isolate and separate us.

At Radius, we believe in reconnecting people by reclaiming the city through sound.

Radius is a mobile app that enables users to navigate their way around the city, experiencing music and soundscapes that fluidly change depending on their location and environment.

Enter a hectic zone, such as a busy business district, and the music can provide you with a stress-relieving; ambient track.
Move into a party district and the music will seamlessly begin to up the tempo to get you in the mood for the night ahead.
In the more peaceful areas of the city, such as parks and open spaces, the music fades out into dreamy soundscapes that encourage you to look up, be in the moment and engage with your surroundings.

There are two ways to explore the city.

In ‘connected’ mode, you will be able to discover other users in your vicinity. Each user will be synced to the same pulse and dancing to the same beat, enabling you to gather together with like minded people and share silent ‘moments’ all over the city.

Want to get out there and experience things on your own? Simply switch to ‘solo’ mode and discover the city’s natural flow from district to district in your own time and at your own pace.


Each district is made up of a series of zones. Enter a pink zone and the core elements of a track will slowly enter your consciousness. As you move into a blue zone, additional layers will start to build until you find yourself in the heart of the district and at the epicentre of the music.

In need of some relaxation? Head to one of the green zones and get lost in an immersive soundscape to help you recalibrate and reconnect.

At Radius, we believe that when we connect, magical things can happen.

Radius – be connected

Demo Video
A short demo video is available here.

Tools and Tech

  • iOS App Development - Xcode, Swift, MapKit
  • Csound / Csound for iOS

Music composition

  • Ableton Live 10
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Splice for samples
  • Slate digital plugins
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