Name: Näverlur

Full Names:

Performance by: Elio Icaza Milson, CJ Carr, Michal Mitro, and Peter Purg:
Synthesized sounds by: Gawain Hewitt, Luis Zayas, Malin L'Arvidsson (KTH), Sabina Barcucci, Johnnie Hård


Unseen challenge


Näverlur is a site-specific performance on soundscapes
and belonging. The piece centers around an electronic instrument,
soundscape, and spoken word performance. Näverlur takes its name from the
birch trumpet, a musical instrument that has been made in Sweden for

Tech and Data:

Performance tech specs: iPhone, MacBook Pro, GyrOSC (iOS), Osculator (Mac OS), Processing 3.
Soundscape tech specs: see TouchySpaceyDataThingy.

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