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Goosebumps — weaving music back into the urban fabric

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Michelle Sommarborg (KTH)
Alejandro D. Fernandez Schrunder (KTH)
Stine Hulvej
John-Henry Barac
Egle Obcarskaite
Delia Albu
Tomasz Grzegowski
Oscar Saucedo

Presentation: +46735015877

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We live in the world of bubbles • Our faces lit up by our screens on the bus • It’s hard to see outside of our own tastes in the digital world • These bubbles affect our experience and impact decisions about how to shape our world. They remove serendipity from our lives.

We need to change this so we could be open to other influences and other people again, to bring back the serendipity. We can do this with music that is based on the human algorithm.

Music has the power to shape our moods and bring different ideas, and there are always those songs that affect us to the core - bring us goosebumps.
Now we can share those moments, and help make a playlist of goosebumps!

You’re at the bus stop waiting for your bus to show up. It’s late - isn’t it always? You’re listening to music.
You stumble upon an amazing song that gets you all excited — your goosebump song of the day. You want to play it on a loop and tell others how great this is.
You tap “Send to Goosebumps” and its shared across a network of screens on different bus stops around the city, where others can find your goosebump song.
The Goosebump network can do is give you the opportunity to put that song you love into the city, as a gesture of kindness. A musical pay-it-forward of sorts.


Our plan is repurpose bus stops as a network of music hubs in an attempt to reclaim public space as a musical playground. We aim to create a system that allows you to quickly send your goosebump song and add it to a collaborative playlist displayed on the hub screen. The playlist consists of songs that people launched into the city in the last 24h and resets at the end of the day.

Look & feel
The music hub makes use of the bus stop display to show a collaborative playlist created by passers-by. The screen displays the artwork for each of the songs added, as well as the title of the song and the name of the artist. Two oversized volume control knobs allow you to scroll through and select individual songs. They also allow you to navigate back and forth between different days.

Imagine this:
You send your song onto the hub and it’s quickly added to the playlist on the hub screen, you can scroll through the entire playlist and see what other people have already sent in. Deff Leppard? Really? Just imagine the type of conversations you could be starting. Can you even think of nicer and potentially more mortifying conversation to have?

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The music hub consists of a framework developed in processing that serves as a user interface in which shows a list of uploaded songs that the people who visit the hub share, using a simple QR code the common pedestrian could scan, popping a web view where it’s posible to add a song. The main hardware consists of a UDOO board booted with linux, and its embedded arduino 101 is used to manage physical interaction with the hub, such as scrolling through the playlist and perhaps playing/selecting a song by rolling and pushing a knob. Each hub communicates to a web server which has a database that associates the song to each one of them, allowing the users to share their most favorites and personal recomendations with all the people who visits the hub.

More than 100 songs for showcasing where collected by asking MTF participants about their goosebumps song of the day - all songs have been added to this open Spotify playlist.

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