Team/Project Name: Eardrops

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Lisa Ryrholm
Robert Blaauboer
Malin L'Arvidsson

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Imagine a sunny day in the city. And suddenly it starts to rain, where togo to not get wet?
Our problem solves this problem. It's a gaint umbrella. That is unfolding as soon as it starts to rain. People can now rush in under it to take cover.
While they are standing there waiting for the rain to stop, we play some nice music. A mix of relaxing, happy music mostly from local upcomingconcerts and performances.

The people standing there can login to the volumio interface to get to know what music is playing.

Suddenly the rain has stop and people continue their day with a smile on thier faces thinking about the music and perhaps wanted to see the local artists live.

After it has dried out a bit the umbrella is closing again, the music stops and waits for the next rain.

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Explenation picture describe in steps (commin in next email):
1) Picture of closed umbrella
2) picture of opening umbrella
3) people run under it
4) picture of the big umbrella with lots of people standing under waitin
for the rain to start.
5) picture of rain stops
6) picture of people walking away
7) picture of umbrella cloasing

Prototype picture. (coming)

A short rundown of what tech and data you've used:
We use an UDOO-board x86. On that we have mounted a Grove Starter Kit board with a button-sensor. We also have made our own rain sensor that we have connected to the board.
On the UDOO-board we have the volumio software where we have added a plugin with our code to get start the umbrella player.
We also have an external speaker connected to the board.

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