Directory of Specialists

Leader Contacts

Kelly Snook - kelly at kellysnook . com

Petter Ericson - pettter at musictechfest . net

Tom Fox - vulpestruments at gmail . com

What’s up with the paper clips?

If you want a quick overview, look around! Please tag yourself in the list below, and physically tag yourself with the proper paperclip color!

Think of the colours as meaning roughly "I do…"

  • Pink: Coding/Software
  • Blue: Designing
  • Red: Making/Hardware
  • Yellow: Musicianship
  • Green: Artisanity
  • White: Something completely different, ask me!

Here are just SOME of the brilliant things the people around you can do:

Teosto experts:

Turo Pekari: +358 50 575 0357, if.otsoet|irakep.orut#if.otsoet|irakep.orut
Ano Sirppiniemi: +358 50 325 6530, if.otsoet|imeinippris.ona#if.otsoet|imeinippris.ona

Nordic Semi experts:

Stefano Piermatteo

Concordia experts:

Kelly Snook

Petter Ericson

Udoo experts

Ettore Chimenti

Volumio experts

Michelangelo Guarise

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