Crowdsourcing for lazy digital performers

Team/Project Name: Crowdsourcing for lazy digital performers ;)

Full Names of each team member

Ray "Arkaei" Kawalec

List challenges your team are applying for

Accessible Virtuosity

Description of your entry

A combination of sensor input and scripted control automation in music
and visual performance software, enabling the artist to let the crowd
actively participate in both the visual and the musical part of
her/his show… without a 30 minute briefing!

Images of your project

Doesn't apply, not a physical product

A short rundown of what tech and data you've used

Kinect (K4W / XBox One) sensor
Leap Motion sensor
Allen&Heath Xone:96 (DJ mixer with dual audio/MIDI interface)

Audio: Ableton Live
Video: Resolume + Z Vector Touch + custom Leap Motion visualizer (Unity)

Sensor data processing:
NI Mate

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