This page is about the Challenges, how they work, what they are, and how to enter your hack into one. It also has a list of the challenges themselves.

How does this work?

While creating your hack, you may want to keep these Challenges in mind, as they are what the teams of judges will consider when awarding prizes (with a notable exception). While the Hack Camp and Creative Labs have been merged in practise, we still have chosen to categorize the Challenges broadly into Antidotes to the Simple Sabotage Field Manual, Radical Inclusion and Concordia.

Keep in mind that we encourage you to think out of the box when it comes to fulfilling these challenges. The most obvious solution is not necessarily the best. A specific performance, a tool, program or musical instrument, or a meta-tool for creating new tools and experiences are all examples of what have won prizes in the past.

So how do I enter my hack to a Challenge?

Simple! Just Tag your Hack page with the appropriate tag (which can be found on the Challenge page). You tag your page by looking at the top or bottom right. There you'll find a selection of links: Edit, History, etc. and also Tags. Click that, and type in the appropriate tags in the box that appears, separated by spaces.

If you haven't created your hack page yet, there is an even easier way - simply go the page for the appropriate Challenge, and at the bottom there is a box to create a new Hack page with the tag pre-set.

However, remember that you can enter your hack into multiple Challenges, should you so desire. Just add the tags!

KTH Innovation Challenge

Theme: Radical inclusion

1. Udoo challenge for asymmetrically skilled music-making

2. Volumio challenge for getting people into new genres

3. Native challenge for Reaktor-based inclusivity

4. Accessible virtuosity for allowing everyone to skillfully create music

5. The Macedonian Connection for geographically challenged creativity

Theme: Antidotes to the Simple Sabotage Field Manual

6. Musical City challenge for urban augmentation

7. Unseen challenge for mundane positivity

8. Greasing challenge for hacking the bureaucracy

Theme: Concordia - Investigative Music (building musical instruments for scientific exploration)

9. ESA/SNSA challenge for spaced-out music

10. Immersion challenge for bone-deep science

11. Exposition challenge for explorative mathemusic

12. Teosto challenge for data-driven rights management

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