Buttercup: Speak your Beatbox

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CJ Carr
Reeps One (Harry Yeff)

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Udoo challenge
Volumio challenge
Accessible virtuosity

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"Buttercup" is an example of a beatboxable word. "Boots and Cats" is
another. In Reeps One's documentary, he visits a school where blind,
autistic, and nonverbal children are taught to develop their speech skills
via beatbox. The children first open up and express themselves nonverbally
through their voice, but then they discover the "Buttercup" trick. "What
if all speaking was done with the fervent passion of beatbox", the teacher
asks? Practicing these phrases are super valuable for beginner beatboxers
and nonverbal children learning to speak. Problem is … there's no search
engine for creating them. Until now!

Buttercup works like this:
1) you input a rhythmic pattern (of kick, snare, hihat, rest)
2) it searches a phonetic dictionary for word suggestions that fit
3) you choose suggestions until the rhythmic pattern is filled

Easy peezy lemon breezy

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Python, Natural Language Toolkit, Javascript, CMU Pronouncing dictionary

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