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The winning hack for this challenge was Eardrops

Have you ever wanted to get into a new interesting genre of music, or to get someone else into a genre you adore? There are, perhaps, obvious ways of doing this - buy a greatest-hits album, listen to podcasts of big-name fans or producers, read the wikipedia page and look up every name you find on Spotify, or just ask a friend who's already into whatever you're looking for. What if there's no friend, wikipedia seems to know nothing, and the genre is not popular enough to have been picked up by the greatest-hits-making labels? While the data-driven approach given by Spotify works pretty well on average, it is perhaps not always the best way to get a feel for the subgenres, references and influences that go into the making of a single 'genre', and obviously it works not at all for genres where the majority of music doesn't exist on Spotify, but rather thrives in forums, pirate radio, Soundcloud mixtapes or demoparties. Is it still possible to automate or semi-automate this process? To include more people in a fandom, or to help the fandom and musicians themselves express a greatest-hits showcase of the various expressions available.

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