Udoo Challenge

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The winning hack for this challenge was Icarus

As a novice, or even as after practising music for some time, it may be intimidating to create music together with elite musicians, even with good friends, and no matter how inclusive and welcoming they are. What if you play the wrong note, can't keep time, don't know the tune or if your instrument won't stay in tune? Some of these things can be helped - play on a keyboard, frets or drums and you'll almost certainly stay in tune, do live sequencing on a synth or drum machine and you'll not drift a milli-BPM off beat. Are there other ways? Some way of blending both tunings, keys, and rubato where a team composed of a relative newcomer to music, and an accomplished musician can create and explore together? In the spirit of inviting disparate teams of creatives, and through the power of technology, your challenge is to build a device that acts as mediator between musicians of differing skill levels, where one party can perhaps guide, but both interact and explore.

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