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MTF Challenge: “Live music data on steroids” - enriching Teosto Open API data

Teosto live music data is the definitive dataset of live music performances in Finland.

The data is based on reports by artists and event organisers, and used for distributing live music royalties for music authors and publishers Since 2014, Teosto has made the live music data available for developers through an API, updated annually.

Teosto Open API provides access to information of over 250 000 gigs played in Finland from 2014 to 2017: geolocation, venues, dates, performers and setlists, author and publisher information.

Teosto wants to be a pioneer in utilising open data in the music copyright industry. At MTF, we are looking for new ideas, new ways for enriching Teosto's live music data in innovative ways, and possibilities for future co-operation.

In the MTF hacks we would like to focus on how data on the live music market could benefit songwriters, artists and musicians, consumers, or event organisers.

Enriching with what?

The current live music dataset is static, and updated once a year. While real-time data is still in the development pipeline, we feel that with smart and innovative ways of enriching the current dataset it can be used for prototyping new services, apps, visualizations, research projects etc.

For example, the dataset could be linked to open map data, genre information (for artists, venues and tracks), mood data, weather data, biographies, wikipedia, social media, Youtube videos, Spotify playlists….

Possible results:

  • Map visualizations
  • Videos, Spotify playlists linked to top lists of artists, venues, cities
  • Genre-profiling of venues
  • Artist biographies attached to live music information
  • Social media: tweets, Instagram posts shown with gig information


Teosto API (http://api.teosto.fi) is available online with all necessary documentation and information on use terms and conditions.

NOTE: The dataset and terms and conditions will be updated by Thursday, September 6, to include data for 2016 and 2017.

During MTF, Turo Pekari and Ano Sirppiniemi from Teosto Futures Lab will be available for questions and mentoring.

Turo Pekari: +358 50 575 0357, if.otsoet|irakep.orut#if.otsoet|irakep.orut
Ano Sirppiniemi: +358 50 325 6530, if.otsoet|imeinippris.ona#if.otsoet|imeinippris.ona

250 000 gigs played in Finland 2014-2017

  • Geolocation information
  • Venue information
  • Event information
  • Gig information
  • Setlist information
  • Performer information
  • Author information
  • Publisher information

Earlier use cases:

Keikkahistoria.fi Live music events on a map, searchable by artist name. A project from Teosto Hack Day 2015 http://keikkahistoria.fi/
Who Played There? A project in Open Finland Challenge 2015 hack, linking Teosto Open API data to Discogs artist data (artist IDs). Description: https://trello.com/c/zCJk3RNP/93-who-played-there-teosto-live-event-data-combined-with-discogs-artist-data-new-api

Finland - some supporting stats and examples to get you started

Other example data sources:


Teosto Futures Lab

Teosto Futures Lab is Teosto’s approach to R&D, with a focus on testing, prototyping and validating new concepts and technologies through the lenses of research, technology, business development and service design.

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