Radical Inclusion

Radical inclusion

Though a somewhat well-known phrase in various contexts, such as Burning Man and its various spin-offs, it is somewhat hard to nail down, which, perhaps, is the point. Who is to be included? Everyone! But How? And By Whom? And into What? For the Creative Labs at Music Tech Fest, we take it in a highly general direction in relation to music, and aim to challenge you, the participants, to find ways and build tools to include groups in music and musical activities that they are perhaps not traditionally part of. Get a metalhead to appreciate free jazz, or pop-country, a complete novice to create music with skilled musicians in a mutually enjoyable and creative way, cross race, age, gender and other barriers that may exist, radically lower the economic barrier of entry to the world of classical music, incorporate non-traditional instruments in standardized ensembles.

We create by exploring, and we explore through making unexpected connections and discoveries. Let's help with that!

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