Musical City

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The winning hack for this challenge was Terrabeats

A city is not just a place where lots of people live - it is the foundation for our very civilization, and the cause of many of its most wondrous, and many of its least welcome conditions. The prosperity, efficiency, multiculturalism, expertise, and integration offered in the city is unparallelled, but so is the potential for uncaring violence, segregation, spread of disease, and general alienation from both your neighbour and common human, and from nature and the world at large.

While the Simple Sabotage Field Manual gives numerous examples of small acts to make cities uglier, more crowded, more prone to stoppages and traffic jams, we ask that you consider ways of using music to not only make the city more beautiful to our ears, but to our bodies and minds. Are there ways of easing the burdens of city life through music, or though musical ideas?

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