Available Components

18x servo

6xs solenoid

16x 1/4" jack

5x piezoelectric


1x BeagleBone Black

6x slap wraps

3x soldering irons

50x thingy52

21x nordic semi dev kits

19x nordic dongles

duct tape

reel of stereo cable

2x resonator

Design Kit leftovers from Helsinki

- Pin Header Connectors

- Wire-to-Board connectors

- 2x Switches

- LEDs

Polyester cord

copper tape

jumper wires f/m m/m f/f

10x photoresistors

electrical tape

double sided tape

iron wire


2part epoxy

gluegun, gluesticks


solder cleaner

desoldering wick

button batteries

2x audio splitters

1x bluetooth speaker

100 1k resistors

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